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At Sunvalley Tire providing quality service is important to us and we offer a full tire service in every area. Whether you need a lawn mower tire, passenger tire, light truck tire, farm or heavy equipment tire, or camper tire, we service and sell your tire needs.
And when you can’t bring your equipment to us, we can bring our mobile tire service to you.

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  • Alliance Agricultural Tires
  • BF Goodrich
  • BKT Growing Together
  • Black Iron Tires
  • Bridgestone
  • Core Racing Tires
  • Dunlop
  • Firestone
  • Good Year
  • Kelly Tires
  • Klasse Motor Sport
  • Michelin
  • Moto Metal Tires
  • Street Gear Tires
  • Titan Tires
  • XD Series Tires


  • Ken & Glenda Hildebrand

    Ken & Glenda Hildebrand

  • Marion Peters

    Marion Peters

    Office Manager
  • Marvin Hildebrand

    Marvin Hildebrand

    Pickup & Delivery / Janitorial Manager | Winkler
  • Victoria Hildebrand

    Victoria Hildebrand

    Administration | Winkler
  • Peter Teichroeb

    Peter Teichroeb

    Purchasing | Winkler
  • Jeremy Hildebrand

    Jeremy Hildebrand

    Sales | Winkler
  • Harry Fehr

    Harry Fehr

    Sales | Winkler
  • Ben Klassen

    Ben Klassen

    Sales | Winkler
  • Willy Froese

    Willy Froese

    Sales | Winkler
  • Jason Hildebrand

    Jason Hildebrand

    Shop Foreman | Winkler
  • Matthew Harder

    Matthew Harder

    Tire Tech | Winkler
  • Pat Swift

    Pat Swift

    Tire Tech (Service Truck) | Winkler
  • Bill Peters

    Bill Peters

    Tire Tech | Winkler
  • Reagan Bergen

    Reagan Bergen

    Tire Tech | Winkler
  • Mike Harder

    Mike Harder

    Tire Tech | Winkler
  • Brendan Goertzen

    Brendan Goertzen

    Tire Tech | Winkler
  • Zachary Funk

    Zachary Funk

    Tire Tech | Winkler
  • Logan Klassen

    Logan Klassen

    Tire Tech | Winkler
  • Robert Klassen

    Robert Klassen

    Tire Tech | Winkler
  • Matthias Schweizer

    Matthias Schweizer

    Tire Tech | Winkler
  • Peter Harder

    Peter Harder

    Shop Cleaner/Tire Tech | Winkler
  • Peter Bueckert

    Peter Bueckert

    Shop Cleaner/Tire Tech | Winkler
  • Ben Siemens

    Ben Siemens

    Tire Tech | Winkler
  • Dillon Steinke

    Dillon Steinke

    Tire Tech | Winkler
  • Scott Wiebe

    Scott Wiebe

    Seasonal Tire Tech | Winkler
  • Jordan Wiebe

    Jordan Wiebe

    Warehouse | Winkler
  • James Hildebrand

    James Hildebrand

    Warehouse | Winkler
  • Ernie Wiebe

    Ernie Wiebe

    Manager | Altona
  • Cornie Peters

    Cornie Peters

    Tire Tech | Altona
  • Nolan Penner

    Nolan Penner

    Tire Tech | Altona
  • Tyler Wiebe

    Tyler Wiebe

    Tire Tech | Altona